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Anna Meidert

is a German-Nigerian illustrator based in Vienna. Her work is diverse, colorful, contemporary, and weaves together shapes and figures with emotional energy. A clash of clean-cut, sharp edges meeting fading and cloudy shapes is characteristic of her style. With her illustrations, she turns stories into expressive pictures and brings them to life. She loves to draw interactive scenarios, portraits, and comics. Her work suits a wide variety of outputs, from editorial pieces to packaging, branding, and textile design. 

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Good Box – Gaia x SOS Humanity

5 Years Anniversary – Afrolocke

Invisible Work – MOC

A final question – Freundin Magazin

Colonial Continuities – UNESCO

Say my Name, Say my Name – MOC

How it feels to be hypersensitiv

We get the garbage under control

Companions for life – Gurlz with Curlz

Flat Girls – Nolema Headwraps

All the different textures – Afrolocke

Every time we come together – Gurlz with Curlz

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