Gaia x SOS Humanity / Branding Illustration

It was a pleasure for me to contribute an illustration for the Gaia wax cloth as one part of the amazing project by SOS humanity.
Together we want to set a sign for the protection of human rights for all and support those who have been opposing the humanitarian catastrophe and the breach of international law in the Mediterranean for years.

My goal was to connect humanity, diversity, community with food. It seemed quite fitting to me because people will use the Gaia wax cloths to (re)seal food.
Also, I wanted to create a motif that has no top and bottom, so it doesn't matter which angle people use it from.

As a collective of companies with attitude, we have created the Good Box.
This year, Gabe and I supported this project through our art to highlight the maxim #HumanityForAll. With the good box, you’ll not only get some nice and useful things for yourself or the ones you love, you’ll also support a good cause at the same time: We pack our best gifts in 400 boxes, you order them, do your Christmas shopping and donate on top.