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Nolema Studio is a joyful place of experimentation and a celebration of diversity and black culture.
I’m Anna and I mainly do illustrations, which you can discover on my headwraps and art prints. I also work for brands, magazines, and publishers, where you can also find my comics here and there.



The Magic Power of Nolema’s Headwraps
Thanks to their smooth satin lining they help prevent frizz, split ends, and hair breakage
They are a striking accessory that lets your creativity run wild as you can style and tie them in many different ways
They are adjustable in size. Plus, no matter if you have short or long hair – there´s room for every hairstyle and length
You can unbutton the lining and wash it separately. This way your headwrap can take it easy and will look and feel fresh for a long time
Instead of an elastic band, they have a neoprene band inside to make it harder for your headwrap to wear out
Get some tips from the tutorial, and they accompany you throughout the night to protect your hair
What They Say

I love headwraps, but have never worn them because I just did not know how to tie them nicely.
With the great videos on the homepage, I'm just experimenting and it's super fun!


The girls really love their headwrap! It looks so cute when they go to bed with it at night, too! And they were so excited about their own packages that they both even saved the boxes for treasures.


I'm a huge fan of Nolema´s headwraps. The designs are super cool and as soon as I wear one I feel stylish. The tutorials make it easy to recreate the different ways to tie them.


Get inspired by how to adjust, wrap, and style your headwrap



An Homage to Every Single One of Us, to Colors, and the Beauty of Life

These high quality Giclée Prints float between fantasy and reality. They are a toast to us 🍸 and the colorful life that surrounds us, while inviting allies to support and engage with black culture authentically.

I want to enrich your home and life with stories printed on paper that speak for themselves. They tell about the magic and pride we carry within us, our strength that shows through our constant growth, our courage and our sensitivity.

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