How to adjust and style your headwrap
Make it fit

Learn how to adjust your headwrap to your size so that it fits you.

Spoiler: You only have to do this step once.
For starters...

...you could try this very simple headwrap style

Works with every hair length.
The Proud Melon

This is one of our favourite styles which by the way makes you taller

Works best with (mid) -long hair or short hair with a round tied cloth fixed on top of your head as a replacement for a bun.
The Extroverted Peach

Learn one of the most popular styles

Works with every hair length.
The Flattering Banana

This is a more subtle, but also very unique way to style your headwrap.

Works best with short hair. (Mid) -long hair can be braided so that the hair becomes as flat as possible.
The Shy Apple

A cool headwrap style that looks gorgeous with big earrings.

Works best with (mid) -long hair. For short hair, just wrap the low bun to a snail and fix it.
Ways to wear your headwrap at night
The Classic Nighty

See how you can put your headwrap on to wear it at night.

The Sensitive Nighty

If your upper scalp tends to hurt and is rather sensitive, try this alternative to keep your headwrap in place throughout the night.