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Gurlz with Curlz / Editorial Comic

GURLZ WITH CURLZ e.V. is a recognized non-profit arts and culture organization founded in 2017 that creates space and visibility for the experiences of Black women in Germany and advocates for the multi-layered representation of their lived realities.

I´ve created this comic with the given topic "rest". It tells about life and how each of us human beings have to carrying a certain weight through it. I´m getting more specific by picturing the extra weight black women and women of color have to carry on top. I´m referring to all the experiences of racism they have to endure from early on throughout their lives.

All these (phenomenal) women go on a journey where they manage to let these weights behind themselves from time to time. Through their own strength they are able to find a place that is just for them where they are able to heal, rest and let everything go.

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